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About us

A young company,
with a huge level of experience.

The CERTEK Construction is headed by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the civil construction field, responsible for major operations. We pride ourselves on seriousness, solidity, quality and innovation in execution of works.

CERTEK focuses on the performance of the civil construction activities, in order to meet all expectations of their customers.

We construct more than buildings however we offer excellence in execution of works, search for innovative and sustainable materials, all to provide maximum stability, safety and quality.

Company focuses

  • Excellence in works execution and enterprises of civil construction in specific areas such as: industrial, commercial, logistics, housing, hospital, educational and institutional;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Continuous improvement of processes;
  • Comply all legal requirements (laws, regulations and decrees);
  • Real and competitive costs;
  • Compliance with priorities and customer deadlines;
  • Respect for the environmental, safety and quality.

Our vision, your future

Developing new features for buildings and always seeking to use the most advanced technologies for the erection of buildings and infrastructure.

Company focus
VFacilitate constructive solutions with primary focus on customer satisfaction, meeting the concepts of innovation and providing the best engineering resources

Integrity and innovation, obtaining the results of previous successes of our constructions and enterprises.



Procedures for quality, safety and environmental guaranty.

Human Resources
• Coaching
• Selection and Recruitment

• Waste management
• Environmental plan
• Aspects and impacts / dangers and risks

Customer service
• Client satisfaction evaluation

Safety and Health
• Safety and Occupational Health plan

• Registers and documents control
• Measures equipment control
• APreventive and Corrective actions
• Product control nonconforming